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The Total Rewards System

Introduction Compensation system in an organization is very important because it helps organizations improve their performance through increased employee output. Total reward programs are systems set in place by the management of an organization with the main aim of rewarding employees for their efforts and excellence in their work.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Total Rewards System specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The compensation system may involve things that address the needs of employees hence boosting their morale such as recital and gratitude, work life balance and chances for professionalism within the organization (Kaplan, 2007). Successful implementation of a reward system in an organization should result in improved performance of employees hence the firm while reducing operating costs. This study examines total reward programs as applied in organization in different industries (Durfey, 2002). The Total Rewards System employed in the Publix The Publix supermarket is among the largest private retail enterprises in the U.S. Having its’ headquarters in Florida, the supermarket has more than 1000 branches operating in different parts in U.S. with an average of 130 associates creating many employment opportunities. In recognition of the importance of total rewards in value creation to a firm, the supermarket has designed a number of the total rewards elements to benefit its employees. The consequent actions have seen the supermarket perform better than other firms have. Among the designed elements are flexible schedules provided to part-timers in order to accommodate for their academic studies and family responsibilities, opportunities to transfer into other positions of the company such as manufacturing, distribution and corporate offices. Other fundamental benefits available at Publix include an opportunity to purchase additional shares of its privately held st ock, annual holiday cash bonus and weekly payment for hourly associates. In addition, the company provides a 401(k) retirement savings plan with a company match, group health plan, credit union, tuition reimbursement and training opportunities. Employees working close to the cafeteria have the opportunity of eating free while full time employees have six paid holidays. Similar to other firms, development of these total rewards have befitted as well as disadvantaged both Publix and its employees. First, it provides employers with flexibility since it allows awards to be mixed and remixed to meet the different emotional and motivational needs of employees (Durfey, 2002). This has further helped companies in allowing employees to determine when they work, where they work and how they work. In particular, total rewards, policies recognize that employees would wish to have the ability to integrate their lifestyle and their work.Advertising Looking for research paper on business eco nomics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Secondly, total rewards strategy enhances improved recruitment and retention since it is a critical aspect in addressing the issues created by recruitment and retention. It can help create a work experience that meets the needs of employees and encourage them to contribute extra efforts that address a number of issues in the firm such as low performance. In addition, they total rewards programs encourage the firm to spend reward dollars where they are most effective in addressing workers’ shifting values. Many studies have also shown that employees would always look at the total rewards package when deciding whether to join or to stay with an organization. Thirdly, it reduces labor costs or the cost of employee turnover. Majorly, these costs are not noticeable within an organization. The costs include loss of customers; reduced sales as well as decreased efficiencies as productive empl oyees leave and the remaining employees are distracted from their activities (Parbudyal, 2002). In spite of this approach having advantages, it also suffers from a number of setbacks. Primarily, it is the high cost of offering high levels of benefits that affects firms. The numerous benefits available to Publix employees would cost the company a lot of money. In addition, the company may realize wastage of resources if the whole package will not be appreciated or used by some workers. If again the total return is not designed well, it may result to discouragement of employees rather than motivating them. Therefore, Publix has to restructure its total returns by dropping the numerous less sensitive benefits because they raise the cost of operations and focus on the main aspects that negatively affect the good performance of the company. This will minimize costs as well as increasing level of performance. In general, well-designed packages of total rewards should be embraced by all co mpanies since they motivate employees to perform better than they would in the absence of the packages. This leads to the average good performance of the companies (Kaplan, 2007). Reference Durfey, K. (2002). Aligning Employees to Organizational Objectives, Solutions, 15(3), 26-28 Kaplan, S. (2007). Business Strategy, People Strategy and Total Rewards. Benefits and compensation Digest, 44(9), 13-19.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The Total Rewards System specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Parbudyal, S. (2002). Strategic Reward Systems at Southwest Airlines, Compensation Benefits Review, 5(1), 28-33 This research paper on The Total Rewards System was written and submitted by user Jaidyn Nolan to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Clever inventions. The possibilities of the mind

Clever inventions. The possibilities of the mind Useful inventions of all time If asked about the biggest invention of our time, people would probably name the Internet. It allows us to connect with friends around the world and establish connections we never knew existed. You want to talk to your favorite celebrity or find out what has been going on in Eastern Asia? - Google will help you! A hundred years ago, we could not imagine the luxury of interacting with people miles away from us. The credit goes to Lawrence Roberts, the inventor of the first Internet prototype. However, apart from the global communication system, what can we name as the greatest invention? You may argue about the usefulness of this or that device, but we can assure you they have all made a fair contribution to our routine. Where would the mankind be, if it was not for the phone or text messages we are used to exchanging whenever we want to share information? On top of that, we should include some of the things that were necessary for the development of the human race: The wheel. The wheel is truly one of the inventions of the humankind, the value of which cannot be overlooked today. The concept of the first wheel was developed in 3500 B.C., and it was a blessing for everyone. People had massive problems with transporting goods and moving them from one town to another, so we guess this discovery was by far one of the most expected in the history of human civilization. These days, wheels are used everywhere, and the history we know was shaped with the help of this tool. The compass. Do you remember Captain Jack’s compass that showed the thing you wanted most? Well, magic aside, sailors used to navigate by the stars. Suffice to say, it was not a very safe methodic, as it forced them to skip their craft on cloudy evenings or in the daytime. Before the invention of the first compass, captains were bound to obey the mere changes of the weather, and had to wait until the sky was clear again. The situation changed, however, when the compass we know today was invented. The secret to successful navigating is the magnetized needle, which points north. The printing press. As we know, very few people had access to books back in the Middle Ages. The printing press appeared as a revolutionary device and changed the way we perceive printing today. Johannes Gutenberg decided to alter the course of history by inventing a special machine, which pressed ink to the paper so that the paint remained on the surface for long. This is another invention that led to the development of the human race, the importance of which cannot be overstated. The printing devices we have today allow us to immerse in the world of literature and become educated individuals through reading. The telephone. The invention of this device presents a series of experiments, which all led to failure. Many scientists struggled to build an electronic device, which would allow people to communicate via wires. However, electronic transmission did not seem possible until Alexander Graham Bell took the initiative in his hands. He invented the phone in 1876, and was awarded a patent for his discovery that led to revolutionizing the world of communication. He had a lot of successors, who tried to improve the said gadget, and fortunately, phones as we know them today allow to transmit electronic signals at long distances. The light bulb. It is hard to imagine our daily lives without this device. Electricity was in poor state when Thomas Edison decided he would change the face of the world we know. Of course, we cannot attribute this success to his personality alone, as many people played a significant role in inventing the light bulb, but generally, the credit belongs to Edison. Prior to this, we depended on natural lightning and the light of the candles. That was romantic, in some ways, and uncomfortable as well, as people had to work during the day and finish their chores before the sun went down. Now, we can sit up all night and be sure the lightning is bright and comfortable, thanks to the invention that Thomas Edison proudly patented. Penicillin. The story behind the invention of Penicillin is awesome. In 1928 there was a Scottish scientist named Alexander Fleming, who conducted a series of experiments in his private laboratory. During one of the experiments, he left a lid on a dish with bacteria opened. Later, he discovered that bacteria were dead as the dish became contaminated with mold. Later, Fleming found out that the mold was called fungus Penicillium, and it was cleared and purified by scientists to turn it into a strong medication, which changed the course of science and was a big history turn in the first half of the 20th century.

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Free sample - The Salad Bar. translation missing

The Salad Bar. The Salad BarBackground The introduction of Healthy salads by The Salad Bar is in a response to the rising cases of obesity in the country associated with eating unhealthy foods in fast food restaurants. Healthy salads are basically made from fresh farm produce such as lettuce and juices from fresh fruits will also be made, instead of the milkshake served in other fast foods outlets. Water will also be available at the convenience of the customers. The production and selling of the products shall take after the model of other restaurants such as In-n-out Burgers. Owing to the limited capital, the salad Bar will begin with a single restaurant with a plan to establish a countrywide presence in five years. By introducing these salads, The Salad Bar is looking forward to replacing the already existing market for fast foods with salads. Following this, customers will conveniently access healthy foods in any location in the country. As a result initial survey of the market indicates that the market for the new products exists. According to Jeffrey and French (1998), fast foods consumption and lack of exercise result in obesity and overweight situations (p.277). The combined effect of the healthy nature of the food, the favorable prices and the convenience in accessing the products will lead to increase in sales. The strength that the company has is convenience, and the strong product offered. The weaknesses include low capital and unreliable employees. The opportunities include favorable market, recovering economy, excited consumers and lack of stiff competition. The potential threats are the unpredictable economic situation, indecisive customers and financial instability.  Ã‚   Note that the current in research in the food industry indicates that parents as customers in this industry play a critical role in determining what is eaten by their children. Therefore, the development of advertisement plans would be tailored to focus more on attracting parents as customers for these salads. In addition, other adverts would target old people as most of them are on diet while others prefer natural foods with less fat. Therefore, these groups would form the major targets of the adverts which would be run on television, radio and the internet, especially on blogs. The adverts would run for a period of two weeks before launching these salads on the market. This is meant to create awareness among consumers and to assist them to realize and understand the need for healthier foods in their diet. Thereafter, these adverts would continue running, except that this time they would be on a less frequent basis; first to bring customers to an attention that there are healthy foods and to remind them on the places where these foods are found. Another area of focus would be on prices. On the other hand, outdoor promotions would also be important in the marketing of these foods. For instance, front-door promotions of actual food outside supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc. In consistency with this, the customers who visit these places would be able to visits the promotional stalls and taste these salads. As a result, these consumers would be presented by an opportunity to make their decisions on these foods based on facts in regard to the actual tastes of these foods. The advertisements and promotions of these foods are expected to increase the customer base of these products on the market. Notably, the creation of awareness of products among customers has been found to increase sales of products. In consistent with this, the promotion of these foods is expected to create a customer base. Furthermore, these promotions and adverts would alleviate the place of these foods in the market. On the other hand, these adverts and promotions are expected to increase sales and revenue in the short run. Therefore, these adverts and promotions should be run for the first three months as the market for these products is established. This would ensure a firm establishment of these products in the market as well as increase the revenues during this period. Additionally, this would also attract more customers to shift their buying behaviors towards spending their money on healthier foods. The items to be covered by the promotion are convenience, health and efficiency of the service. The foods served are low in carbohydrates and fats and include the following: organic and raw fruits, fat and grease free meats, fresh real fruit shakes, greens such as lettuce, vegetables such as green beans, snap peas, radishes, broccoli, avocadoes, tomatoes cucumbers, zucchini and carrots. Healthy meats such as lean beef, cooked shrimp, tuna and chicken breast will also be included. In addition, lemon juice, salad dressing and clear drinking water will be served if desirable. The expected net income for the first year of trading is 63,161. The net purchases for the year amounted to $61,000. Note that these were projected figures and they were expected to go higher or a little lower after the launching of the product in the market depending on the success of promotions and the advertisement campaign which was being carried out. In this respect, it was important to enhance the advertisement and promotional campaigns which were being carried out.

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People of Europe v.s. Napoleon Bonaparte Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

People of Europe v.s. Napoleon Bonaparte - Essay Example The reason behind such an exile to the island of St. Helena instead of Elba has been the fear of his return to the continent again. It is essential to remember that it was the dissatisfaction of the French people about the rule by the alliance of the Great Powers which helped the return of Napoleon to the land and it is essential to regard the interest of the people of France regarding the current decision to expel him to the island of St. Helena. In other words, it is unjustifiable to expel Napoleon Bonaparte the island of St. Helena against the interests of the French people who made the way for his return to France from the exile to Elba. "Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba, where he was sovereign ruler for 10 months. But as the alliance of the Great Powers broke down during the Congress of Vienna and the French people became dissatisfied with the restored royalists, Napoleon made plans to return to power. Sailing from Elba on February 26, 1815, with 1,050 soldiers, Napoleo n landed in southern France and marched unopposed to Paris, where he reinstated himself on March 21." (Biographical Sketch: Napoleon Bonaparte).

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FACTORS THAT CAUSES THE BREAST CANCER IN YOUNG WOMEN - Essay Example Various signs and symptoms are used in the detection of breast cancer. Self examination to feel for lumpy swellings is the most common method of self examining. Breast cancer may not be avoided, but it can be treated early if detected early without any serious damage to the young women. Statistics show that approximately 7% of young women are diagnosed with breast cancer and with early detection, 90% of those women are able to heal completely (Yankaskas, 2009). Identification of the research question is the first step towards conducting a solid research. In this case, the research question is to identify the causes of breast cancer in young women (C.T.B., 2013). Understanding breast cancer, its definition, symptoms, causes, and risk factors will help cover the research topic extensively. Understanding the age limit for the women considered as young in the case of breast cancer prognosis helps narrow down the causes. In this case, the young women are considered to be aged 40 years and below. Knowing this helps eliminate some causes and risk factors that lead to breast cancer that are associated with old age. The research study would also include a categorization of the different types of breast cancer. This will help clarify which type of breast cancer is responsible for the prevalence numbers of breast cancer in young women. This can be realized by reading widely. There are many ways that can be used to obtain reading resources. These incl ude, use of libraries, archives, and the internet as an academic source. In choosing the materials to use for research, understanding the topic helps narrow down the materials to use. The first thing is to understand what breast cancer is. There are many academic journals that have the definitions and terms associated with breast cancer. The use of a library can be very beneficial in this topic. Librarians have extensive knowledge on what books and journals can be beneficial to your research (SUNY, 2012). Inquiring from the

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In the news Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

In the news - Essay Example The whole scene was set up like a real time support system. The funny scenes were created as an effort to provide people a comic relief, as well as to market its low budget medicines directed to provide relief for single ailments, such as head-ache, insomnia, body ache etc. The scenes included a high-heel wearing model walking on a tread-mill to market for its â€Å"Help I have a blister† packet of bandages, and a performer sleeping in a store window to divert interest towards its â€Å"Help I can’t sleep† caplets (Olsen pgB3).The store team not only imparted information to passers by regarding ailments, but also distributed its head-ache packets and nausea medicine to polling stations and campaign offices. Their marketing style may seem comical and wacky, but the store founders claim to have conveyed a serious message. I have understood from my marketing insight that they have tried to simplify the buying process for the customers, who often seem confused by the varying brands and products on offer. People end up buying more than they need, due to excessive marketing campaigns, this simplified strategy of low dosages for single ailments not a host of ailments, made people realize what they aim to buy for lesser prices. Marketing should be done for people who are not experts, but still customers, who want simple solutions for complex problems, with creativity and fun all rolled into one. This campaign carved a niche for itself in the already crowded pharmaceutical market; it included viral videos, performance windows and tactile packaging to make the message clear, direct and on-the-spot (Olsen pgB3). Olsen, Elizabeth. "Attacking Ailments With Small Doses."New York Times  [Washington.] 09 11 2012, New York Edition pgB3. Print.

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Legalization of prostitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Legalization of prostitution - Essay Example Given the time period, poverty, disgrace and lack of education was a primary cause of young women becoming prostitutes. Sanger asked many women why they became prostitutes, and often they answered the same. They had been kicked out of their homes or deserted, were forced into it to survive, or, in some cases, they would turn to it as a remedy of their current situation, and only wanted to pursue it until something better came along. In the 19th century, prostitution evolved again into a highly profitable, visible and industrialized business. Women became commercial products, and were â€Å"sexed bodies for hire† and the business of prostitution was of high profit from the women’s ‘owners’ as â€Å"illicit sex increasingly became an attractive form of capital investment† (Barry, p 97). The labor market of the time saw the decrease of women in ordinary domestic labor into prostitution because of this rapidly developing industry (Barry, p 97). As prosti tution grew, society could no longer ignore the problem that it was creating, but they could not stop the men that went to visit these houses of ill repute. It went so far as to create a book that became known as the â€Å"gentlemen’s guide†, which included â€Å"better houses, giving addresses, benefits to be gained from particular establishments and the names of favorite prostitutes† (Pivar, p 31). ... They were ultimately forced to stay in the business, whether they wanted to or not (Bullough, p 245). The police and doctors that supported the regulation of prostitution were concerned with the control of venereal diseases, crime and sanitation (Pivar, p33). Today, prostitution is still seen by the majority of society as a crime against the morality of humanity (Scambler, p 7). These women are commonly referred to as hookers, whores, sluts or simply prostitutes. They are seen as trash, a bane on society with no moral compasses and whose bodies are ravaged by venereal diseases. There is a plethora of opinions of prostitution, but it is not something that is sick, wrong or unjustified. The argument has been made by opposition to prostitution that they are merely desperate women with cloudy judgment because of the economic issues that they suffer from (Stolba, 2000). This may be true in some cases, but if it were completely true, then the number of women in the business would do someth ing else. There are over one million women in the United States today that make their living by prostitution. Oppositely, about one in every six American men has been a client of a prostitute at some point in the past five years. Oddly, the threat of AIDS and other venereal diseases is now the most compelling argument for the legalization of prostitution. Roughly, half of all street prostitutes in New York City and Washington, D.C. are HIV positive. In Newark, New Jersey, nearly 60% of all prostitutes there have HIV. Despite this, in the state of Nevada, not a single prostitute in a state-licensed facility has ever tested positive for HIV/AIDS (Armentano, 1993). The brothels in Nevada require that their prostitutes